Donna, the crocodile
Donna, the crocodile

Donna, the crocodile

Donna, the crocodile
Rude Swoop
Rude Swoop

After a few seconds of entering the water she will dive and become invisible to other players that are not in close range to her.

Ferocious Bite
Ferocious Bite

Charges a bit in the direction she is aming to jump and "hug" the first enemy in her path.


She will smile at you and give you a cookie

and you'll feel good about yourself. Once you turn your back to her, she will kill you and take the cookie back. She's a backstabbing sweetheart. She appears to be always smiling, but watch out; she can be patient if that means waiting for a good prey.

Donna knows about the underwater pipes in the zoo – so she can pop up unexpectedly in any body of water within the zoo's grounds –, and envies animals with fur.


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