Milo, the flamingo
Milo, the flamingo

Milo, the flamingo

Milo, the flamingo
Rude Swoop
Rude Swoop

Steve beat his wings and flies off very high up, intangible by shots.

Easy Prey
Easy Prey

If you look at an enemy for a second, inside a cone in front of the eagle, it is targeted as your prey.


He is a unique, sensible bird

The kindest bird you’ll ever meet. Since the day he saw a little girl pirouetting around the zoo, dancing became his ultimate passion. It is easier for him to express himself through moves than through words.

He’s inside the Autism Spectrum: he has trouble communicating with others, finding it hard to understand irony, sarcasm and different tonal changes, while being obsessed with this one particular interest that is dance; He’s graceful and delicate in everything he does; He aims to star in a “Flamingo Lake” version of the “Swan Lake".


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