Zooba: Feral Multiplayer Mayhem

Battle Royale meets MOBA! Join our roster of zany animals and fight your way to Zoo dominance.

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Discover the Zooba Universe

Nix, Bruce, Pepper, Finn... Meet the characters that are fighting for the Zoo's kingdom!






Meet the characters

Steve, the eagle
Skippy, the habbit
Shelly, the turtle
Pepper, the giraffe
Ollie, the panda
Molly,the  kangaroo
Milo, the flamingo
Louie, the rat
Lizzy, the salamander
Larry, the chameleon
Jade, the tigress
Fuzzy, the penguin
Finn, the shark
Earl, the crab
Duque, the  lion
Donna, the crocodile
Buck, the buffalo
Bruce, the  gorilla

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